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Welcome to the Academic Center!
Fall 2021 Update

Dear Students and Parents/Guardians, 

The academic center is still available for drop-in help from 8:30 - 3:30, Monday - Friday. If you or your student has a free period and would like to get some help from the academic center please email Ms. Lima ([email protected]) or Eimile Bowden ([email protected]) and one of them will reach out.  

Peer tutors will be beginning in October, so please stay tuned! 
We look forward to seeing you! 

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Hello To all Parents/Guardians and Students from the Academic Center!

We want to introduce you to the Academic Center at the High School. Although many of you may know about it already, we want to update and remind you of a few things about the Academic Center.


What is the Academic Center?
The Academic Center is a place where students can drop in for occasional academic assistance, set up a regular tutorial schedule in any subject, get help with a paper, borrow a book, colored pencils (and any other materials), do research, use a laptop computer, work on a project, study with a group, study individually, and/or learn study skills.  Tutoring in the Academic Center is completely free and voluntary.  Students cannot be required to go to the Academic Center because the number of students that access the services there is already great.  The Academic Center staff can encourage students to utilize its services once a referral is made, however students are responsible for getting themselves there at their designated times or to drop in as needed.


Where is the Academic Center?
The Academic Center is located in the Media Center at Wayland High School.


What are the Hours of the Academic Center?
Monday through Friday: 8:30-3:30


Who can utilize the Academic Center?
Any student who attends WHS can utilize the services of the Academic Center.


Who can refer a student to the Academic Center?
A parent, a teacher, a school counselor, an administrator all can refer a student to the Academic Center, or students can refer themselves.


What help is available and who is available to help at the Academic Center?

The Academic Center is coordinated by one full time teacher/coordinator, (Ms. Lima), volunteer tutors (students and community volunteers), National Honor Society and volunteer student tutors, and WHS academic teachers on duty and available too through the THIS Program (Teachers Helping Individual Students).


Whether the student is in a College Preparatory course, an AP course, in Special Education, in an Introductory level course or an Honors course, the Academic Center is here to assist all students.  So please schedule some time to see us! Most students are tutored in a subject twice per eight day cycle, but the amount of time varies by student and/or subject, as well as what tutors are available at the time. The AC is open for tutoring, studying and group work. Tutors will be available on a regular basis, or students can just drop in for occasional help or just to ask a question.


Also, if a student wants to be seen only a few times, he/she can talk to the AC director to set up a few sessions. Students can drop in and request help at any time and the AC staff will do their best to assist them. However, please remember that not every subject is covered by a tutor every block of the day. For example a Latin, Chemistry or Calculus tutor may not be available every block, every day. So it is most efficient that students set up specific times to get tutoring help if they are struggling in a particular subject.


We would also like to mention that if a student is scheduled to meet with a tutor, please do your best to remember to show up for the designated time(s). Moving forward, we are working with the National Honors Society to update our peer tutoring program. Historically students were assigned one student to work with for the year. Instead, we have implemented a drop in system where tutors will be assigned to the Academic Center one block per cycle. Students seeking tutoring will ‘drop in’ or when they need help. This model is similar to the THIS (Teachers Helping Individual Students) Program in that it will not only give tutors a greater access to students, but will also reinforce self advocacy skills for students seeking improvement.


What else does the Academic Center offer?
In addition to the Academic Center tutoring services, students can access the following supplies there: textbooks, graph paper, lined paper, construction paper, poster paper, pencils, pens, colored pencils, magic markers, glue, glue sticks, tape, scissors, staplers, hole punchers, pencil sharpeners, folders, index cards, rulers, compasses, protractors, T-83 calculators, headsets, wireless laptop computers, dictionaries (English and foreign languages), reference books, and SAT & AP practice tests. In other words, there are no excuses not to study, do your homework, write a paper or finish a project. Don't be afraid to call! The AC is there to help.


In addition to direct services to students, the Academic Center from time to time sponsors special night programs.  Details will be posted on the Academic Center web page, in the parent e-news and WHSPO news, and announced and/or posted around school.


Please also remember that although the Academic Center is a wonderful place for a student to receive support, a student’s academic teacher is available for help and they are truly the first line of defense!

And last but not least…

The Academic Center is always looking for volunteers to tutor from the community, so if you have time and the skill, please contact Aimee Lima at 508-358-4823.


Respectfully Yours,



Aimee Lima Marybeth Sacramone

Academic Center Coordinator Guidance Department Coordinator

PS:  The Academic Center will also play a small part in our ninth grade seminar sessions.  Counselors will work with students to do an overview of some study skills.  Links to some of the resources are below.


Organization Resources
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Text Book Skills
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